Parents Taking Charge


You don’t have to co-parent with the government.

Empower and connect parents to take charge of their children’s education.

How it works?

This is not mandatory, but if the project takes off, we can connect parents from the same schools together. This will be VERY POWERFUL. You DON’T need to put your real name and you can use an anonymous email address

If they ask what it’s about, you can be vague and reaffirm your right to have this appointment. Keep in mind, they had no input in the state’s curriculum. Don’t see them as the enemy (yet). A lot of teachers hate the curriculum too but are silenced through fear.

  • Handouts
  • Books
  • Exercises
  • Movies

  1. Ask if there are any children in the school that have ‘transitioned’ to another gender. Are there any males going into female toilets or participating in female sports?
  2. Optional; you may as well ask if they sing the national anthem and how often, if they talk about Australia Day being ‘invasion day’ and other topics of that nature.
Over the next 1-2 weeks maximum. Don’t leave it too long, your child’s innocence might be in jeopardy.

Depending on your child’s age, ask them to report back to you if ANYTHING unusual is being taught. Give them permission to video-record anything that we can use to expose inappropriate behaviour or material. Empower them that there is a huge group of people doing this, that we need their help and they can make a difference. If they capture anything of interest, email it to

  1. If yes. No action is needed. It has been a very worthwhile exercise and the school knows your stance on these topics.
  2. If no. Action is needed.
    1. Book a second appointment.
    2. Put in writing what your demands are.
    3. Demands could be;
      1. Request that certain material be taken out or altered.
      2. Request if your child can stay home on the days that material is being taught.
    4. Make sure it has the date on it. Bring a hard copy with you AND email it to them.
    5. Demand that it is put into your file.
  1. If yes. No further action is required if you trust them to adhere to your demands.
  2. If no. Action is required.
    1. Email us at Let us know the name of the school that has refused your parental rights and explain it to us. You can be anonymous. We will not act on this right now, but it might be very useful for future projects.
    2. Threaten to take your child out of school. Remember, schools get funding based on the number of students they have. If ten parents are doing this project in your school…it WILL make an impact.
    3. Put it all in writing to the school. Make sure it’s dated. Give them a hard copy of your file and email it to them.
  1. If yes. No further action is required.
  2. If no. Action is required.
    1. Make sure you signed up. We will organise a strike week and let you know when that is. Anyone who has participated in this project and found themselves in the same position as you will keep their kids home.
    2. You might consider your options from here. Many families have been forced to move out of suburbia so they can afford to homeschool.

What next?


We want to connect like-minded parents together so you can push back more effectively. We don’t have a plan for that yet because it all depends on the success of the first steps.


With your participation, we can do amazing things. We can create lobby groups and more campaigns. However, this is our focus for now; protecting your children’s innocence and giving control back to parents.

Are you a teacher?

You can help us but we can help you too. We are certain that hundreds or thousands of teachers are being put in impossible positions and are scared to speak out. The more information we have, the better we can expose what’s going on and win public opinion to create change.
Create an anonymous email address so you aren’t scared of being found out and losing your job.

Email any shocking material you come across to

You can choose whether to name the school or not. If this project gains momentum, we can connect you anonymously to the parents in your school who are also involved. Everyone in the group would be anonymous unless you chose to meet in person etc. This will all be by choice. Even if three parents and one teacher connect because of this…it could change the whole future of the school.